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Bianca Antonon

The exhilaration to see the snow for the very first time. 
(Photo 2 Grandmother) -  FULFILLED DREAM 
An astonished feeling of a 91 years old lady from Brazil, who always dreamed to be in the snow. It took almost 90 years. 


I was born and lived in Brazil, Portugal, and now Finland.  
Living in different cultures is giving me an opportunity to have an “open vision” in all of my works, portrait, food, landscape, etc.  
Especially because I chose photography not just professionally, but as an art to express myself thru the feelings of/from others people. The human race is only one, but according to the culture, language, food, etc. The feelings are different and, I am fascinated to capture the “difference”. 

When I work with “Portrait” I immortalize a moment, capturing not “just” the image, but the feelings of the person. I try to have the model as “nude” of production as possible, then I wait for the unguarded moment to capture the essence. 
The truth of someone is the best picture.


Bianca Antonon
Professional Photographer
Puh.   +358 45 214 0060 // +351 93 474 0737
Email My Website Instagram

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