Tiago Mazza



‘The Persistency of the Sun’ is a photo series made in Finland during the Spring of 2021 about the effects of the pandemic on social life.


In the city of Tampere, Finland, restaurants, bars and all unessential business were closed in the beginning of 2021, as there was a new spike in coronavirus cases in Finland and new restrictions were applied. Also, by 2021, many facilities in the city could be seen empty, as many businesses didn’t survive through the pandemic. As winter started to fade and the sun started to shine again, one element could still be seen in the streets: people.


As I went outside with my camera on the first days of Spring, after the snow melted, I saw many empty streets. But I also saw people. Some walking, others standing, some with no particular place to go, passing by empty windows and with their faces lit by the warm light of the sun. This is when this project started to be developed.


The photographs in this work reveal what I could see on the surface of the city streets during that specific moment of the pandemic. But this series also explores a feeling that I had about the return of the light, literary and metaphorically. About an energy from the streets that, despite the hardships that might affect the world, refuses to vanish. About a movement of life that tries to find its way towards the light. And about the inherent persistency of humankind.

For me, the meaning and value of the streets and social life have changed deeply, and societies are still trying to understand exactly how much this crisis is affecting our relationship with the city and its public spaces and how that relationship will happen in the future. My pursuit is not to find precise answers but to present my perspective, through photography, about the changing times that we are living.

My story

I’m a photographer and visual artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have been living in Tampere for five years and I recently graduated from the Bachelor’s degree of fine arts at TAMK. I’ve been passionate about photography for more than ten years and before I moved to Finland I worked as a photojournalist, covering different kinds of assignments, and I got my photos published on many international and Brazilian news outlets. During the last few years I've been focusing more on street and documentary photography. The main subjects of my works are society, people, urbanism, nature and personal experiences. In Finland I had my work exhibited at Galleria Himmelblau, Valokuvakeskus Nykyaika and Mediapolis.