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Uzi Varon

Touch Me / Hear Me

Digital Photography Project by Uzi Varon


With the outbreak of the Covid-19 I had to come up with a new art project. One that not only could be carried out during this period of strict restrictions, but more importantly, would reflect the emotions, insecurities and longings caused by the social distancing we were suddenly subjected to.

The “Touch Me” -project got started in the spring of 2020. It is a collage of single studio portraits. For weeks I photographed people one or two at a time. Those portraits were then edited into a big panorama, digitally re-creating the closeness and social interaction that was suddenly deemed dangerous and therefore forbidden.

This “digital fresco” portraying 40 people was completed during the summer 2020

As the pandemic showed no signs of ending anytime soon, I started the second part of the project in the autumn of 2020. “Hear Me” tells about the situation of performing artists whom the pandemic left with no audience. It portrays professional musicians with their instruments and is carried out the same way as “Touch Me”. The Hear Me project was completed almost a year later in August 2021 after Maestro Leif Segerstam volunteered to “Conduct “ this weird orchestra.

My story

My profound gratitude to all the models, family members, friends, FB friends and many more who participated in creating these pieces. May we get together, hug, celebrate and perform soon again!


Uzi Varon was born in Israel.

Moved to Finland in 1990, lives and works in his own studio in Helsinki.